Washington Refrigerator Repair Question: Why is My Freezer not Freezing?

April 8th, 2013

We rely on the capacity of our refrigerators and freezers to store food for extended periods of time. This reduces the need to shop on a daily basis for food, and it gives us many more dietary and culinary options. We often depend upon our appliances so much that we take them for granted, or don’t think that their operation will ever be interrupted. We often hear the question, “Why is my freezer not freezing?” This is especially the case with older refrigerator/freezer units, but it can also happen with newer units. The problem should be handled by a professional to ensure it is quickly taken care of, and to avoid prolonged disruption to your residential or commercial refrigeration. For Washington, DC refrigerator repair, call the experts at All Time Services today!

Let’s take a look at some possible causes of inadequate freezing:

  • Thermostat: Check to make sure that your thermostat is properly calling for freezing. If it is, and it still won’t freeze, then it could also be an electrical problem or a defrost control issue.
  • Compressor: Your compressor is the engine of the refrigeration cycle; it pressurizes the refrigerant in order to make sure that it properly extracts heat from your insulated freezer and refrigerator compartments. Over time, due to general wear and tear or physical damage, your compressor may begin to malfunction, and this can cause various problems, one of which is the inability to freeze.
  • Dirty coils: Your coils need to be free and clear of dust and debris in order to function properly. They are responsible for absorbing and dissipating thermal energy, but if their surfaces are not clean, then this can create problems in the refrigeration cycle.
  • Door seals: Check your door seals. They should compress firmly and tightly on all sides when fitted against the front of the freezer doorframe. This sealing mechanism is necessary to ensure that only the cool air generated by the refrigerant cycle enters your refrigerator and freezer. This not only leads to inadequate freezing, it can also cause your freezer to freeze over constantly as it freezes the humid air entering through the seals.

We hope this answers some of your concerns. This problem should be professionally taken care of as soon as possible, so that you don’t compromise the integrity of your entire refrigerator. For Washington, DC refrigerator repair, call All Time Services today! 

Refrigerator Repair in Arlington, VA: Ice Maker Problems

April 1st, 2013

The kitchen in your home is one of the most valued spaces in the house. Whether preparing dinner with the family or helping out with homework, your kitchen is a place where the family comes together. Modern appliances have helped make our kitchens extremely convenient. Every now and then, though, a problem will arise that puts that convenience in jeopardy. A problem with your ice maker is one such situation. A damaged ice maker can lead to bigger inconveniences than warm beverages. If you have a problem with your ice maker, or if you need any other refrigerator repair in Arlington, VA, call All Time Services.

There are many potential issues that can lead to a problem with your ice maker. One of the most common problems with these devices is the development of a leak in the water supply line. This is one of the most obvious problems that you may notice. If you ever see water pooling around the base of your refrigerator, do not ignore the problem. No matter what the cause is, this is never a good sign. Pooling water at the base of your refrigerator can be the result of a number of different issues, all of which require professional refrigerator repair.

Another problem that you may notice is inconsistent ice making. This is probably due to a mechanical problem, such as a broken switch or a malfunctioning sensor. It can also be the result of a clog in the water line. Do not put up with a subpar performance from your icemaker. Call for professional refrigerator repair in Arlington, VA if your ice maker is working inconsistently.

If you notice that your ice is not clean looking, there may be a problem with the water filter. This can be easily corrected. Your ice should be clear, clean and tasteless. If this is not the case, contact us to resolve the problem.

For dependable refrigerator repair in Arlington, VA, call All Time Services. We have the tools and skills necessary to handle any air refrigerator repair that you may need in your home. Call today for more information about the services we offer.

Why Hire a Professional to Handle Your Refrigerator Leak Repair in Washington DC

March 25th, 2013

The refrigerator is a staple of the modern home. It allows us to store food for extended periods of time, to shop only once a week, to make ice, and to drink cold liquids. Like many devices in the home, we tend to take it for granted until something goes wrong with it. Refrigerator leaks are irritating and frustrating. Not only do they indicate a problem, they can also lead to spoiled food and damage to the surrounding area of your home. If you have a leak, it’s imperative that you call a professional to sort out. For refrigerator leak repair in Washington, DC, call All Time Services today!

Let’s take a look at some great reasons to hire a professional appliance repair person:

  • Safety. Like the majority of your household appliances, your refrigerator runs on electricity. While leaks are not necessarily linked to electrical fault, handling the internal components of your refrigerator requires knowledge and experience to prevent the risk of electric shock.
  • Added Damage. Although you may be trying to help, attempting to repair your refrigerator leak by yourself may actually lead to additional damages. Without a firm grasp of how your refrigerator works and how to solve the problem, you may be left guessing.
  • Speed. When your fully-stocked refrigerator breaks down, not only is the fridge itself in need of repair, but you place hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries at risk if it isn’t repaired as quickly as possible. Look for a local repair tech with 24/7 emergency service so that you know you’re always covered.
  • Quality. Even if you’ve found a way to patch up the leak temporarily, it probably indicates something wrong with the icemaker or even a problem with the evaporator coil. Professional repair will not only find the origin of the problem, it will also give you some peace of mind that the problem is solved.

We hope you’re convinced. Amateur or uncertified refrigerator leak repair can often make things only worse. For professional refrigerator leak repair in Washington, DC, call All Time Services today! 

Refrigerator Thermostat Problems in Washington, DC

March 18th, 2013

Refrigeration is one of the conveniences of the modern home. It shapes the way we shop for, cook, and eat food. Nowadays, you can shop once a week at your local grocery store, knowing that you can store food safely all week long. Because it’s such a convenience, we tend to overlook it, and when problems arise with our refrigerator, we are often surprised at how quickly food and drink can spoil. If you notice that your food is frozen or your drinks are warm, you may have a thermostat problem. No need to worry, though. For refrigerator repair in Washington, DC, call All Time Services today!

Your thermostat communicates a set point to the rest of the internal components of your refrigerator, and your fridge adjusts its workload accordingly. If it is faulty, however, then you thermostat may send the wrong message or no message at all. Here are some common refrigerator thermostat problems to look out for:

  • Frozen food. Leave freezing to your freezer. If your food begins to freeze within your refrigerator compartment, and you’ve already tried adjusting your thermostat to the proper temperature, then your thermostat might be faulty. While it may be possible to adjust the temperature by turning it up, this merely sidesteps the issue and does not solve the underlying problem.
  • Warm food. While this is not necessarily a health concern with vegetables, warm temperatures can spoil meat, fish, and dairy products quickly. This can result in a significant portion of your home food budget being thrown away. While this can also be a door sealing issue, or a case of blocked airflow at the back of the fridge, warm food is often the result of a malfunctioning thermostat.

These are the two basic problems that occur with thermostat problems, but it’s important to be attentive to your home appliances, especially the refrigerator, which you rely on 24 hours a day for cold storage. While there is some basic troubleshooting every homeowner can do, thermostat replacement should be carried out by a certified professional. We work on all types and brands of refrigerators. For refrigerator repair in Washington, DC, call All Time Services today! 

Keeping Your Refrigerator Cool this Summer in Washington, DC

March 11th, 2013

You rely on your refrigerator to keep your food and drinks cold all summer long. While we tend to overlook our appliances until they fail, making sure they are in solid working condition all year round can prevent major repairs and premature replacement. Your refrigerator uses the same basic system as your air conditioner. It uses a pressurized refrigerant to pump cold air into your refrigerator and to transfer warm air out. Keeping your refrigerator cool this summer can help you save money on your energy bills, as well as make sure you enjoy cold drinks and fresh food on even the hottest days of the year. For refrigerator repair and maintenance, call All Time Services in Washington, DC today!

Whether your refrigerator needs repair or maintenance, it’s important that a professional perform any adjustments. This way you can ensure you won’t cause any damage to major components, such as the coils or the compressor. Let’s take a look at some ways you can keep your refrigerator cool:

  • Space. Ensure that your refrigerator has the recommended amount of space surrounding the sides and the back. This may vary from model to model, but if you have exposed coils on the back of your fridge, then space allows the heat to dissipate properly and can prevent the compressor from overheating. Also, the more products you have on the inside of your fridge, the less empty air your refrigerator has to cool. This may help slightly to reduce energy consumption.
  • Recognizing problems. This is the best way to ensure that any fridge repairs are carried out quickly. If you notice frost, condensation, leaks, frequent short cycling, constant operation, or any other issues, call for professional refrigerator repair. Catching these problems early on can help you prevent major repairs in the future.
  • Schedule a professional inspection. Your local refrigerator repair specialist will know whether or not your refrigerator is operating properly, and can advise you on the best course of action.

Keeping your refrigerator in great working condition all summer long is a great way to ensure you get the most out of the money you spend on energy bills. For refrigerator repair in Washington, DC, call All Time Services today. 

Washington, D.C. Refrigerator Guide: Uncommon Refrigeration Problems

March 4th, 2013

When troubleshooting your refrigerator, you may come across some problems that you cannot fix. While faulty door seals and dusty coils are common refrigeration issues, there are some things that only a pro will know how to diagnose and properly repair. That’s when you call All Time Services for refrigerator repair in Washington, D.C. Our team of refrigeration repair experts will have your fridge working in no time.

While some homeowners like to perform minor maintenance themselves, hiring a pro to take care of necessary repairs not only ensures the job is done right the first time, but it also reduces the risk of permanently damaging your system. Here is a list of symptoms that are relatively uncommon and will require professional service.

  • Condenser coil damage. Nobody knows who did it, but somehow the condenser coils were damaged. If this happens, it is best to give us a call. Your coils contain a refrigerant that is meant to stay sealed inside. We may also be able to prevent a major repair or costly replacement if we catch a problem early enough.
  • Hissing noise and loss of cooling. Hissing sounds often mean there’s a crack or leak somewhere in your refrigerator, either in its insulation or in one of the mechanical components.
  • Water, and lots of it. If your fridge is leaking water, the water line that supports your ice-maker may be broken.
  • A fridge that sweats. If you have excessive condensation on the outside of your fridge, it could mean a serious problem with its ability to keep food cool.
  • Oily residue in freezer. Strange residues and chemical odors often indicate a leak of refrigerant somewhere within the refrigeration cycle. This can be harmful to your food.

While it’s always better to have your refrigerator regularly inspected by a professional than to attempt repairs yourself, these uncommon problems require immediate attention. Call All Time Services today for comprehensive refrigeration repair in Washington, D.C..

Washington, DC Refrigerator Repair Tip: How Refrigerators Work

February 25th, 2013

Before the age of electric refrigerators, preserving food was much more difficult. Knowing how your modern refrigerator works is not only useful in order to recognize problems and their symptoms, it also gives you more information about how your food stays cool. All Time Services in Washington, DC is committed to informing their clients as to how their appliances work. When you need professional refrigerator installation, repair or maintenance, call the professionals at All Time Services. We have the answers to all your refrigeration questions.

There are five major components to the refrigerator: compressor, outside heat-exchanging coils, expansion valve, inside heat-exchanging coils, and refrigerant. In what is known as the refrigeration cycle, the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, causing it to heat up. As it travels through the outside heat-exchanging pipes, the refrigerant dissipates its heat, and condenses into a highly-pressurized liquid. This liquid goes into the expansion valve, and then immediately boils and vaporizes to a very low temperature. This thermodynamic process is the key to cold air on the inside of your refrigerator.

All of these components work as part of a cycle, and are therefore co-dependent. If a single aspect of the system is faulty, it can cause problems in other areas.  It’s a complex system and requires certified appliance repair technicians to adequately diagnose and determine any issues that arise. For example, freezer burn occurs in the freezer section of your refrigerator when food is dehydrated. It often happens when food is improperly sealed or left open. Freezer burn is actually not a problem in most cases, but it quickly becomes a problem if the defrost cycles of your refrigerator are too frequent. In these instances, your refrigerator is working against itself and will need professional repair.

At All Time Services, we’re here to inform our customers and help them make the right decision when it comes time to install new refrigerators, repair old ones or to set up appliance maintenance plans. Whatever type of fridge you have, whether GE, Sub-Zero, Maytag, Kenmore, we know how they work and how to fix them. Call us today for refrigerator repair in Washington, DC!

Refrigerator Motor Repair in Washington DC

February 18th, 2013

If your refrigerator is no longer cooling properly or it makes strange noises, it may be time for refrigerator motor repair. Refrigeration is one of modern life’s conveniences, and waiting to repair your refrigerator can be difficult: spoilt milk and meat, wilted vegetables, and your hard-earned food budget thrown away. In Washington, DC you should call your local refrigerator repair technician at All Time Services to schedule a service.

The refrigerator motor acts with the compressor to compress the refrigerant gas throughout the coil and valve system, which allows for the heat to be removed to the outside of your refrigerator, traveling through a system of coils. The evaporation of that gas causes it to cool, and this cool gas is now once more taken in by the compressor and the cycle begins again. Amongst the various switches, thermostats, heaters, condensers and fans, the refrigerator motor is the workhorse of the entire refrigeration cycle; without it, your refrigeration will not work and your food and drinks will spoil.

If you notice the level of cooling drop significantly over a short period of time, your motor may be to blame. The rest of your refrigerator parts will attempt to compensate for the lack of a properly running motor. The compressor may turn on and off more often, and will occasionally not even allow the cooling cycle to begin. This extra workload increases the wear and tear on your refrigerator. It can cause breakdowns or faults in other areas of your system, and may increase the chances of a complete refrigerator failure.

Other indicators include a drop in the level of efficiency, failure to freeze properly, a build-up of condensation on the outside of the refrigerator, or even increased frost build-up in the freezer. If you believe that your Washington, DC refrigerator exhibits these problems or is showing its age, its motor may need to be repaired by a refrigeration specialist. Don’t let your food spoil. Call All Time Services to schedule a service.

Washington D.C. Refrigerator Repair Question: Is a Clean Refrigerator More Effective?

February 11th, 2013

For every homeowner, having a good refrigerator is an absolute necessary. Modern refrigeration technology has allowed us to keep our food fresh and safe to eat for much longer than was ever possible. All Time Services provides complete refrigerator repairs in Washington D.C.. We often get asked about tips to make our customers’ refrigerators work better and more effectively. Here are some tips that might be able to help you

Why Clean Your Refrigerator

While cleaning the shelves in your refrigerator may not produce great efficiency, there are certain things in your refrigerator that you can clean that will actually produce more efficiency.

  • Vacuum the coils – One of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency of your refrigerator is to vacuum the coils. The coils in your refrigerator are responsible for allow the heat inside your refrigerator to get out. The coils are filled with refrigerant that get circulated through your fridge to absorb heat. The coils can normally be accessed by remove the front plate on the front of the fridge below the doors. You should always call for the cleaning services of a professional contractor in Washington D.C..
  • Vacuum the back – Heat from the inside of your refrigerator gets exhausted out of the back of your refrigerator. Often, dust and other debris can accumulate there and block the exhaust. By cleaning the back of the refrigerator you may be able to allow the heat to more efficiently get exhausted.

Empty Fridge vs. Full Fridge

While it might sound counterintuitive, having a full fridge is actually more efficient than an empty one. The reason for this is because of how many times your fridge gets opened every day. When the door to your refrigerator swings open it allows cool air from the inside to get pulled out and replaced with warm air from the outside. When you have a full refrigerator, there’s less cool air in the fridge because that space is occupied by food. But you want to make sure that your fridge isn’t so packed that the cool air can’t circulate around your refrigerator.

If you need refrigerator repairs in Washington D.C.call All Time Services today!  

Why is There Water Coming from Under My Refrigerator? A Washington DC Refrigerator Repair Question

February 4th, 2013

Of all the appliances in your kitchen the refrigerator may be the most important. You love your oven, but you can also eat cold meals. Your dishwasher is a great luxury, but many homeowners still do not use them. Your refrigerator, though, keeps the food you pay for fresh. It makes your vegetables taste better and keeps your perishables safe to eat. When a problem develops with the refrigerator in your Washington DC home you need to contact a professional appliance repair technician immediately. Call the experts at All Time Services for the refrigerator repairs that you need.

There are a few different reasons that your refrigerator may be leaking water. Only a professional refrigeration service provider can determine the exact cause. Whatever the underlying problem may be it is important that you contact us as soon as you discover the problem. The food that you have paid for and the condition of your refrigerator is at risk. Water damage may also result from this issue.

If your refrigerator door is not sealing properly when shut condensation can build up within your refrigerator. This is a problem, as moisture promotes the growth of mold and can compromise the quality of your food. If your refrigerator is tilting forward at all this condensation can drip out of the refrigerator and collect on the ground beneath it.

Does your refrigerator have an icemaker built in? Well, that icemaker requires a water supply in order to freeze that water and create ice. If a leak develops in that water supply line that will account for a pooling of water beneath your refrigerator. The sooner that water line leak is repaired the less likely that major water damage will be incurred. Do not ignore this problem or dismiss it as being too minor to call a professional about.

Your refrigerator repair service requires the skill and expertise that only a professional can offer. It is important that you never attempt to repair your refrigerator on your own. You may injure yourself, make the problem worse, or even void a warranty. Contact All Time Services today for the high-quality refrigerator maintenance and repair services you need in Washington DC.