We rely on the capacity of our refrigerators and freezers to store food for extended periods of time. This reduces the need to shop on a daily basis for food, and it gives us many more dietary and culinary options. We often depend upon our appliances so much that we take them for granted, or don’t think that their operation will ever be interrupted. We often hear the question, “Why is my freezer not freezing?” This is especially the case with older refrigerator/freezer units, but it can also happen with newer units. The problem should be handled by a professional to ensure it is quickly taken care of, and to avoid prolonged disruption to your residential or commercial refrigeration. For Washington, DC refrigerator repair, call the experts at All Time Services today!

Let’s take a look at some possible causes of inadequate freezing:

  • Thermostat: Check to make sure that your thermostat is properly calling for freezing. If it is, and it still won’t freeze, then it could also be an electrical problem or a defrost control issue.
  • Compressor: Your compressor is the engine of the refrigeration cycle; it pressurizes the refrigerant in order to make sure that it properly extracts heat from your insulated freezer and refrigerator compartments. Over time, due to general wear and tear or physical damage, your compressor may begin to malfunction, and this can cause various problems, one of which is the inability to freeze.
  • Dirty coils: Your coils need to be free and clear of dust and debris in order to function properly. They are responsible for absorbing and dissipating thermal energy, but if their surfaces are not clean, then this can create problems in the refrigeration cycle.
  • Door seals: Check your door seals. They should compress firmly and tightly on all sides when fitted against the front of the freezer doorframe. This sealing mechanism is necessary to ensure that only the cool air generated by the refrigerant cycle enters your refrigerator and freezer. This not only leads to inadequate freezing, it can also cause your freezer to freeze over constantly as it freezes the humid air entering through the seals.

We hope this answers some of your concerns. This problem should be professionally taken care of as soon as possible, so that you don’t compromise the integrity of your entire refrigerator. For Washington, DC refrigerator repair, call All Time Services today!