For professional refrigerator repairs in Alexandria County, VA, look no further than All Time Services. Whether you have a leaky evaporator coil, an iced over freezer or a busted compressor, we have the experience and tools needed to fix any problem fast. Call us today to learn more about our full range of refrigerator repair services and set up an appointment for a visit from one of our highly trained technicians.

Alexandria County, VA Refrigerator Door Repair

If your refrigerator door is broken, either because of a missing spacer or a busted door gasket, call All Time Services today for quick and professional service. We offer fast repairs for all refrigerator door problems to ensure your food remains cool and your compressor isn’t being overworked. If you live in Alexandria County, VA and you can’t seem to figure out why your fridge door no longer closes or seals, call us today.

Alexandria County, VA Refrigerator Compressor Repair

The compressor is one of the most important parts of your refrigerator. If the compressor stops working properly, your refrigerator will stop producing enough cool air to keep your food as cold as it should be. The reasons for compressor breakdown vary, but issues elsewhere in the refrigerator can lead to the compressor running more often than it should, such as a faulty thermostat or a door that isn’t able to close completely. This puts extra wear on the appliance and increases your electricity consumption. Whatever the symptoms, if you’re having a problem with your refrigerator’s compressor, call All Time Services right away to schedule a repair visit.

Alexandria County, VA Refrigerator Leak Repair

A leaky refrigerator can be the result of a number of problems, but it’s a frustrating situation, whatever the cause. Whether water is leaking outside of your refrigerator from a broken drip pan or it is pooling inside the unit because of a clogged evaporator coil and drain, call All Time Services to inspect and repair the problem. Our Alexandria County, VA fridge repair technicians will be available right away to repair any leaks and make sure your refrigerator once again runs as it was designed to.

Alexandria County, VA Ice Maker Repair

When your ice maker breaks, it not only stops producing ice; it might create a mess both in your refrigerator and on your kitchen floor. If you live in Alexandria County, VA, we encourage you to call us at the first sign of trouble so we can come out immediately to inspect and perform any necessary repairs on your ice maker. Whether the device has started leaking all over the kitchen floor or simply isn’t producing ice any more, we can help.