When many people think of improving efficiency in their homes, they think of things like insulation or their heating and air conditioning systems. The refrigerator in your kitchen, though, that allows you to preserve food and keep things cold, is plugged in and operating 24 hours a day. Improving the performance of your refrigerator not only helps keep food fresh but can also help improve the efficiency levels in your Annandale home. Here are some easy suggestions for you to follow from the appliance experts at All Time Services.

  1. Always know what you are going into your refrigerator for. Chances are that you were told when you were a kid to shut the door to the refrigerator while you were using it. If you need a snack, figure out what that will consist of before you open the refrigerator. Your refrigerator has a thermostat inside, and as long as the interior temperature is cold enough the motor does not need to be running. When you let the cold out, though, it must come on to maintain the target temperature.
  2. Clean out your refrigerator every now and then. Each and every individual item in your refrigerator absorbs the energy used to keep it cool. An empty jar of mustard or container of moldy leftovers does not need to be refrigerated. They simply need to be disposed of. The less you have in your refrigerator to be cooled the less energy will be used to do so.
  3. Finally, do not ignore what you tell yourself are just ‘minor’ problems with your refrigerator. It should not be running all the time. There should not be a lot of condensation inside or on the outer surfaces of your refrigerator. Most importantly, the door should not bounce open when you close it or leave a gap between the seal and the frame. These problems may seem minor to you, but they are signs and causes of unnecessary distress to your refrigerator. Call a professional to resolve these issues.

You demand a certain level of performance from your appliance. Do not make it more difficult than it should be for them to achieve those goals. Call All Time Services today if your refrigerator in Annandale needs some professional attention.