As simple as it seems, your refrigerator door can be a major problem if it has a bad gasket or hinge. Here are a few reasons why your Arlington refrigerator‘s door is so important and what you should look for if you suspect a problem.

 The Importance of Your Refrigerator Door

Your refrigerator works by extracting heat and humidity from the inside of the appliance. The refrigerator door has gaskets that seal during this process, keeping warm, humid air from entering the device. This allows your compressor to run less frequently and for your food to stay a steady temperature consistently.

Electricity is wasted when the refrigerator doesn’t work properly and your compressor is forced to work harder which can lead to unnecessarily early repairs.

 Signs of a Problem

There are many signs that your refrigerator door needs to be repaired. Here are some of the most common:

  • Frost Build Up – Frost build up occurs when the door gaskets don’t seal properly and humidity gets into the freezer or refrigeration unit and freezes.
  • Poor Cooling – This actually occurs as a result of the frost build up caused by bad door gaskets. Frost build up can block evaporator coils and drains and reduce the efficiency of the cooling in your refrigerator.
  • Won’t Stay Closed – If the refrigerator door won’t stay closed, it can be a sign of either bad gaskets or hinges. In either case, you need to have the problem fixed before excess frost and inefficient cooling cost you money.

Other problems can occur, especially in the freezer unit of your refrigerator. If you notice anything that results in poor cooling, bad seals on the doors or water leakage, you may need repairs done.

If you do need repairs done, don’t hesitate to call All Time Services. It may seem like a small problem, but the cost of not having the repairs done can far outweigh the actual repairs if you wait too long. We should be able to fix the problem relatively quickly.