There are a few reasons why your refrigerator will start sweating, and there a few things you should look at when this problem starts happening in your Bowie home.

First, consider whether the “sweat” is condensing on the interior or exterior of the refrigerator. If it is sweating on the inside, that reduces the number of possible explanations. This kind of sweat inside the refrigerator is usually caused by one of two things: the temperature is set too high or the door seals are faulty. Check your refrigerator’s temperature setting to make sure it is properly set. If this is not the problem, it is likely that the door seals need to be replaced.

While internal sweating may not be such an overt problem because it is easily hidden behind the refrigerator door, it is still a problem that should be fixed right away. Warmer temperatures can cause food to spoil, and the moist conditions caused by the condensation can promote mold growth.

External sweating, on the other hand, is a more obvious annoyance. Again, this could be the cause of bad door seals, just like the interior sweating. It may also be caused by poor insulation, which may have degraded or worn away over time. If the door seals and insulation are both in good shape, or fixing them does not stop the sweating problem, then it could be caused by a faulty heater within the door channel.

You can try to fix the door seals yourself, but if the problem turns out to be something more pervasive, it should be repaired by a professional repairman.

Keep in mind that in general, having excess moisture in your home is bad. Exterior condensation can collect on the floor, damaging the floor and spawning mold in hidden crevices. We have already discussed the problems caused by condensation inside the refrigerator. So, either way, it is crucial to have your sweaty refrigerator repaired right away.