If you are looking for Centreville refrigerator repair or replacement, call All Time Services. We provide fast and reliable repairs, and we can replace refrigerators and freezers or provide replacements for parts. If you need a refrigerator replacement, consider one of the many energy-efficient models on the market today.

Here are some factors that affect efficiency that are good to consider as you compare the different models.

  1. Refrigerators that have the Energy Star label will be the most efficient models. When you look at the EnergyGuide, check to see how much electricity that model uses per year. This will be measured in kilowatt-hours, and models with lower numbers will use less energy overall.
  2. Check the Energy Star website for a list of products. There, you will find all the different high- efficiency refrigerators and freezers that have been awarded the Energy Star label. This helps you easily compare the different models from the comfort of your own home. You can also find a dealer for that particular brand, and you can always call us to see if we have that model in stock.
  3. Keep in mind that refrigerators that have the freezer on the top or the bottom are more efficient than refrigerator models that feature the fridge and freezer side by side. Top freezers tend to be about 15% more efficient than the side-by-side refrigerator/freezer style.
  4. Water dispensers and ice-makers located inside the door are not only convenient, but they also decrease the need to open the door and help reduce wasted energy. On the flip side of this added benefit, door ice-makers and water dispensers increase the energy usage and lower the overall efficiency rating.
  5. Look for models that feature a mini-door installed in the main door so that you have access without opening the door as often. The saved energy adds up, and there’s no additional energy used.
  6. Get the refrigerator size that meets your needs. While smaller refrigerators are more efficient, it may not be work it for a large family or household.
  7. Refrigerators that have automatic settings, such as auto defrost and anti-sweat, consume more energy; however, there are other factors involved in maintaining these models so that you get the most efficiency out of them.

If you need refrigerator repair in the Centreville area, give All Time Services a call today!