Refrigerators make our lives much more convenient, but unfortunately, even the best machines break down every once in a while. If you catch a problem early instead of waiting until your Fredericksburg home’s fridge breaks down entirely, you might be able to save yourself from having to pay for an expensive repair or even replacement of your refrigerator. Here are some common signs that something is wrong with your fridge, if you notice one or more of them be sure to schedule an appointment with your refrigerator repairman.

  • Motor constantly running: if your fridges motor is constantly running, it’s a sign that it is having a cooling problem. The fridge motor should only run during the cooling cycle, so it is either not able to maintain the right temperature or there is a motor sensor issue.
  • Puddles or leaks: water under or behind your refrigerator is a sure sign of a problem. It can be caused by coolant leak or a broken defrost system; either way, it should be looked at by a professional as soon as possible.
  • Frost on food: if you are getting frost in your fridge it means that there is something wrong with the internal thermostat or there is a sealant problem letting moisture into the main compartment.
  • Food too warm: if you notice that the things you store in your fridge are spoiling more than quickly than usual, your fridge may be too warm. This can be caused by a bad compressor, a problem with your thermostat, or a broken condenser fan. Since this can have a big impact on the food you eat it is best to get it checked out as quickly as possible.

Whatever your problem, All Time Services is here to help. If you notice some signs that your refrigerator is failing, remember that it is always better to get it fixed immediately.