By organizing your fridge you can keep food in its optimal environment so that both storage capacity and length of food storage time is increased.  It will also ensure that you can find whatever food you want exactly when you need it without hunting and searching on every shelf.  The refrigerator technicians in Gaithersburg at All Time Services can help you get your refrigerator organized and working at its optimal efficiency.

Organizing a Refrigerator

Properly organizing a refrigerator has many benefits associated with it.  Once it is organized there will be specific places for certain types of foods and less food waste of hidden foods which get forgotten about, not to mention money savings on repeatedly buying food which never got used and went bad.  Below are some tips on the best way to organize a refrigerator.

  • Big Items Go In The Back: Large or tall items should be placed in the back of shelves so they do not block your view of smaller items.  This prevents the forgotten food syndrome from occurring.
  • Group Similar Items Together:  Items that are used together can be placed together like all the makings for sandwiches, leftovers can be placed together, cold precooked meats and cheeses can be placed in a drawer, drinks can all go on one shelf, while condiments can go on another shelf or placed in the fridge door.  This way when you are looking for something specific (i.e. a drink), you can look in one place to find all the options available to you at once.
  • Use See-Through Containers and Stack Them:  By being able to see at a glance what foods are in containers, and by having them easily stacked in the fridge you can more quickly determine what you want to use now, rather than having it go bad because you’ve forgotten about it.
  • Write Dates on Containers and Plastic Bags:  Use a sharpie to date open containers of food for when they were opened, as well as on plastic baggies to know when fresh fruits and vegetables were purchased.  Just because the expiration date isn’t until the next decade doesn’t mean you want to eat that mold-encrusted mayo.
  • Clean It Out:  Regularly peak at expiration dates on open containers and remove expired food, go through drawers with fresh fruits and veggies in them and remove those that are too old to eat, and wipe down any spills as they occur so that the surfaces you place your food on are clean and will not cause food contamination.

All Time Services is a professional Gaithersburg refrigerator company that understands the best ways for any fridge to be organized for optimal cooling of food and easy access to similar foods.  Our certified refrigerator technicians also provide quality refrigerator repairs in Gaithersburg and surrounding areas.