Most people in Gaithersburg don’t realize they need to maintain their refrigerator until they have a problem with it. Fortunately, you’re reading this post and will soon know everything you need to maintain your refrigerator on an annual basis. Using the tips in this post, you can avoid unnecessary calls to your repairman.

  1. Condenser Coils – Step one is to clean your condenser coils. Because they are exposed in the back of your refrigerator, they will get dusty and when they get dusty they force the refrigerator’s compressor to work harder, costing you money in electricity and putting extra strain on the device. A simple dusting every 2-3 months will take care of this problem.
  2. Clean the Drain – The condensate that builds up as your refrigerator runs needs to run clear of the refrigerator easily without getting blocked up by excess food or mineral deposits. Every refrigerator is different but there should be an access panel allowing you to get to and clean out both the drain and drain pan.
  3. Gaskets – the gaskets on your refrigerator door and freezer door are designed to seal when closed and keep out any excess warm air and humidity. If you notice excess condensation, frost in your freezer or other problems that didn’t occur in the past, it may be due to a gasket problem. Simply checking and cleaning these regularly can have a positive impact on how your refrigerator runs. Vinegar is a good cleaner as it kills mildew and doesn’t introduce chemicals to your food.
  4. Ice Maker – If you have an ice maker, check your water filter on a regular basis to be sure it is clean and working properly. Dirty filters leave behind excess contaminants and can create dirty or unsanitary ice.

These simple tips will make it easier for you to enjoy your refrigerator for years to come and when a problem does occur, you’ll know it isn’t something simple you could have prevented. If you’re not sure about how to perform any of these tasks, check the owner’s manual that came with your refrigerator. If you don’t have it, remember that most manufacturers now post their manuals online as well.