If a problem develops with your Manassas refrigerator, you might ignore it for a while, but consider the potential downside to doing so. First, your refrigerator is the second highest electricity consumer in your home, behind your air conditioner. If it isn’t working properly, that means it is probably consuming even more electricity than normal.

Second, working harder just puts more stress on the device and can lead to full breakdowns or a need for part replacement. So, when a problem develops, first troubleshoot and if it matches any of the below, call for repairs right away:

  • Not Cooling Properly – Improper cooling can be due to a number of problems. The defrost switch may not be working, the compressor could be going, the vents could be blocked, or you could need a new fan motor. The only way to be sure is to have a Manassas refrigerator professional check the system.
  • Excess Icing – If a lot of ice is building up around your frozen food or even in your cooling unit, it may be due to a bad seal on the door, a bad evaporator coil or a bad thermostat switch. All three require professional repair so call for assistance right away.
  • Loud Sounds – Any loud or unexpected sounds from your refrigerator are a sign of a problem. You should have them repaired immediately as it could be something as simple as a bad fan motor (an easy fix), but this can lead to a much larger issue with your compressor.
  • Leaking – While a leak is not necessarily a serious issue (it can be due to an overloaded or clogged drain line), you should have your system checked immediately if water starts to pool on the floor. Whether it’s a bad ice maker or a clogged condensate line, immediate repair is your best option.

Your refrigerator is responsible for keeping your food fresh and edible, so it’s important that it works properly at all times. If you notice a problem, call All Time Services right away.