Defrosting your freezer is something that many Silver Spring home owners are be familiar with. Years ago, defrosting your freezer was something that you had to do on a regular basis. With new models, many of them have a defrost cycle that they enter periodically. However, this cycle only defrosts the evaporator coils and not the actual freezer space. it is still a good idea to regularly defrost your freezer for a number of reasons. We describe some of the benefits of doing this here.

Freezer Efficiency

Over the course of normal use, ice can build up inside your freezer. Ice in freezer might seem like it makes sense. However, ice can actually reduce the efficiency of your system by hindering the exchange of heat. When the ice gets to be between 1/8th and 1/4 of an inch thick, it’s time to manually defrost the freezer.

More Space

Ice takes up a lot of room in your freezer. By letting it thaw out you can increase the storage capacity of your freezer.

Thaw Condensate Pan and Lines

During the cooling process, condensation forms on the refrigerant coils. This condensation drips onto a pan and flows out through drainage lines. Sometimes, these lines can freeze and cause your refrigerator to leak water onto the floor or inside the storage area. Some newer models of refrigerator have a defrost cycle that will defrost the cooling coils. But it is a good idea to regularly defrost your freezer to unclog those condensate drainage lines.

Remove Odors

If you’ve started to notice strange smells coming from your freezer, it could be a good time to defrost it. Even in a freezing environment, some kinds of bacteria can survive which is most likely causing the foul smell. After you defrost your freezer, use some water and a rag to wipe down the inside of your freezer and your refrigerator. Don’t use disinfectant sprays or chemicals. The residue left by the cleaning products can be harmful to your food.

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