A leaky refrigerator is a fairly common problem, but that does not make it any less frustrating. There are a number of possible causes for your refrigerator leak. The best way to handle this situation is to call an Washington DC appliance repairman. To put your mind at ease, here are some possible causes that may be the source of your refrigerator’s leak.

Sometimes it is as simple as condensation. This can tie into problems with your refrigerator’s door. If your door bounces open after you shut it, has a faulty seal, or does not totally close for any reason, condensation within the refrigerator can build up and leak to the floor. If this is the case you’ll notice heavy condensation within the refrigerator as well.

Another possibility is an issue with the water supply to your refrigerator’s built in ice maker. There is a water supply tube in the back of the refrigerator that feeds into the icemaker. There are a few spots that are susceptible to leaks along this tube. The cut-off valve and the point of entry are both likely source points for your leak. Of course there is also the possibility that the tube itself has been damaged and needs replacing. If you have had any reason to move your refrigerator in the time leading up to the leak it is very possible that the tube was compromised during the process. Whatever the issue with your ice maker’s water supply, it is important that a professional perform any maintenance or repair services on your refrigerator.

Automatic freezer defrosting is a convenient feature that many refrigerators offer. A heating element is automatically activated in intervals of time to melt away frost on the cooling coils of your freezer. The water from the melting process is drained through a tube that leads to an evaporation pan. If this pan is corroded or the drainpipe is damaged, the water will leak to your floor. Contact an appliance repair service to replace any damaged components of this drainage system.

Remember, a leaky refrigerator does not mean that you should start looking for a replacement. The problem can usually be fixed quickly and affordably. The best way to ensure that any maintenance and repair service performed on your refrigerator is done completely and correctly is to call for professional help. Our Washington DC appliance repair specialists at All Time Services are available to help with any refrigerator problems you’re experiencing.