Ice makers are deceptively complicated. Because we take the longevity and efficiency of our refrigerators for granted, we tend to assume the ice maker is the same, but as a fixture attached to your Chantilly home’s plumbing an ice maker is prone to problems that require repair. Here are some of the most common and what you should do about them:

  • No Ice – When your ice maker stops producing ice, there are a number of possible causes. Electrical issues are the first culprit, so check the cords and the connections to make sure it is plugged in properly. After that, temperature may be an issue. Most ice makers require temperatures of between 0 and 8 degrees F. Anything higher and the device may not work – if temperature is a problem, the refrigerator components may need to be inspected. Other possible problems when ice isn’t being made include shutoff switches and arms, the ejector motor or gear, the ice mold heater or the holding switch.
  • Funny Taste or Smell – There is a filter in your refrigerator for the water supplied to the ice maker. If the filter isn’t changed, it will cause a funny taste or smell in the water. Set the filter changes on a calendar to make sure they are done regularly.
  • Specks in the Ice Cubes – If your ice has small white specks in it, usually this is just calcium carbonate –a mineral that is normally invisible in water. When water freezes, the molecules group together and you can see them. A water filter that is properly changed on a regular basis will usually take care of this problem.
  • Tiny Ice Cubes – An ice maker isn’t much good if it makes tiny little cubes. Usually small or partially formed ice cubes are due to a problem with the cube size control. If the size issue seems to be intermittent, check the inlet switch and valve or the supply line for a potential problem.

Ice makers are complicated pieces of machinery. They can break and it’s hard to know for sure what the problem is. But if these common issues occur, check for symptoms you can easily fix. If you can’t get it working, it’s time for a professional.