Some problems can be ignored, but a warm refrigerator is not one of them. Nothing spells trouble like a refrigerator that is just cooler than room temperature. There are a lot of issues that your Gaithersburg fridge could be experiencing resulting in the lack of chill. More confusing to most consumers is the event in which your fridge is warm but the freezer is still cranking away. If this is happening with your home refrigerator, call All Time Services today!

  • First off, check your control unit for the temperature setting. It may sound simple, but sometimes those dials get turned down by mistake. If the settings are correct, you may want to test a new control unit.
  • Another possible culprit is the fan, which may not be drawing enough freezer air into the refrigerator. Also check for obstructions. It’s possible that your frozen leftovers may be blocking the flow of air.
  • The defrost drain line could also be obstructed. This is where water drains during the defrosting period. If you’ve defrosted your freezer lately, it is worth checking this pipe. Empty out the freezer and unplug the unit. Grab a hair dryer and melt out any accumulated ice that may be causing problems.

These are just a few suggestions and there are many more possibilities, such as insufficient refrigerant gas. The best course of action may be to call us at All Time Services. If you provide us with enough information about your appliance, we’ll be able to provide you with a nice cool fridge in no time.