When it’s time to make dinner for the family the last thing you want to deal with is opening your Washington DC refrigerator door to find that it is not cool inside. If you have a warm fridge at home you may be experiencing problems with your appliance’s compressor. Here are some common problems that arise with refrigerator compressors.

Your refrigerator’s compressor is a major component of the appliance and a malfunction can be a big problem. Compressor failure is not very common, though, so the first thing you should do is make sure that there is not a smaller problem making your fridge warm. Check to make sure that the temperature control is set correctly and that the fan is functioning properly. If your fan is not running it could also be blocked by debris. If everything appears to be in working order, your compressor could be at fault.

Listen to the sounds that compressor is making. If it seems to be coming on and then randomly shutting off again there could be a problem with the compressor relay. If it is malfunctioning or just dirty, the relay can overload the compressor and it will shut off. Call in a Washington DC appliance repair technician to open up the back of your refrigerator. They will check the compressor with a multimeter. The compressor itself will be removed, and the multimeter will test the relay continuity. If there is a problem with the reading, or if the compressor’s integrity is compromised in any way a replacement will be necessary.

Your refrigerator’s compressor is constantly at work, but it should be pretty much silent while performing its function. A consistently noisy compressor is an indication of a problem. Again, before getting too worked up it is important to make sure that the compressor is the issue. The compressor works with the pressure and gas inside the refrigerator, so any issue with high pressures or bad gas maintenance could also be the problem. If the noise is actually coming from the compressor itself you should call in a Washington DC refrigerator repair professional to have a look at it. Noisy compressors are more often than not also faulty.

Whatever your compressor problem may be, it is important that you have your refrigerator service by a professional technician. If you’re in the Washington DC metro area, call All Time Services with any refrigerator issues you are experiencing. We know that a warm refrigerator is a big problem. We’ll get yours fixed up and running properly in no time.