There are three common sources of noise on the outside of your Gaithersburg refrigerator – the defrost timer, the compressor and the condenser fan motor. If the latter breaks, you can actually replace it yourself, saving a lot of time and money and getting your refrigerator back to smooth, quiet operation in no time.

Replacing the Fan Motor

Make sure you have all the materials needed to replace your condenser fan motor. These include a new fan motor, some method of moving the refrigerator (the fan motor is in the back and you’ll need to turn the device to reach it), and some pliers and wrenches. Since this is a complicated operation, if you have no experience with appliance repair, call for a professional.

  1. Check the Motor – The first step is to inspect the motor and see what has happened. Unplug your refrigerator and move the fridge into an easier location to inspect it. Clean any debris and lint away from the fan motor and then see if the fan actually moves. In some cases, it is the fan blades that need to be replaced and not the motor.
  2. Remove the Old Motor – Once you purchase whatever component you need for the fridge, remove the old motor from the fridge. Do this by unplugging the wires from the terminal and unmounting the device. It should be relatively easy to take off. There are mounting brackets on this motor as well that need to be removed and placed on your new motor.
  3. Installing a New Motor – With mounting brackets transferred to the new motor, install the new device in your refrigerator the same as you removed the old one. Make sure the fan blades and assembly are all in place and reattach the wires to the terminal block (see your manual for placement).

If you are unsure of anything during this repair, however, make sure to call All Time Services who can help you get the job done right. Call us for all of your Gaithersburg refrigerator repair needs!