The refrigerator keeping food fresh in your Washington DC home is an important and often over-looked appliance, taken for granted because they typically work without much attention and have been fixtures in our kitchens our entire lives.  To ensure their continued functioning of your appliance, it is important to have a few basic answers to questions within easy reach.

What are indications that it is time for a new one?

If temperatures stay warmer no matter how low the thermostat is set, problems with the compressor may be the cause.  The cost of repair usually does not make sense.

Is there any regular maintenance required?

Dust and debris may accumulate behind or underneath the refrigerator restricting airflow to the coils which are critical to the production of cool air.  Regularly pulling out the refrigerator to sweep behind helps the efficiency.

My refrigerator seems to run all the time.  Is there a problem?

To maintain a cool temperature, many refrigerators run typically 50% or more of the time.  Modern advancements and better technology have produced more efficient models, but factors such as the climate, the amount of food in the refrigerator and the age of the motor will be factors.  Check to make sure the sealants around the door are still in good shape as air leakage at that point can be a common problem.

What are typical repairs needed to a refrigerator?

Replacing the door seals once or twice in a decade will lengthen the life of a refrigerator.  A mal-functioning ice-maker or dispenser may need to be replaced. In higher-end models, replacing the compressor for about is worth the repair over a replacement of the entire unit.

Is a leak a serious problem?

A puddle under the refrigerator is typically a sign of a leak, but does not mean a replacement is necessary.  It may be a leak from the tube feeding the ice-maker which can be simply remedied by a tightening of the compression fitting at either connection.

In the process of changing temperatures, condensation occurs which should be collected in a pan usually underneath.  If the refrigerator is not level, the pan may overflow.  If the line to the pan develops a build-up of ice, it may become blocked and the water will find another way out or build-up inside.

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