Your Haymarket refrigerator uses a lot of electricity – upwards of 14% of the total volume of electricity in your home every single month. That means that anything that reduces the cost of running that device will save you money, especially in older machines. In fact, some older refrigerators use up to 1400 kWh per year in electricity while newer ones use as little as a quarter of that. Even if an upgrade isn’t in your budget, however, the following tips can help you save a lot of money.

 Food Storage

First, make sure to keep your refrigerator moderately full at all times. Less air to cool means less energy being consumed, and the food will retain that coolness much longer. Avoid blocking air flow but don’t leave your fridge empty either. Additionally, keep all liquids covered to avoid dehydration. Refrigerators actively remove moisture which causes the compressor to work harder. Open liquids will sap energy from the machine.


Perform regular maintenance on your refrigerator to keep it from working less efficiently. Coils should be cleaned, the tray underneath the refrigerator should be emptied once a month, and the door should seal fully each time. If the refrigerator cannot hold a dollar bill in place when closed, it may need to be serviced.

You can also reduce energy consumption by changing the internal temperature to 40 degrees and the freezer up to 5 degrees. Make sure to place a thermometer in your fridge to ensure it is cooling properly but if it is, this can save you a huge amount on the cost of cooling all that food.


Finally, make sure your fridge has adequate air flow around it. Being pushed into an alcove can be a problem because it can heat up the coils and compressor and put undue stress on the machine, making it harder to vent all that hot air it removes.

These are just a few simple tips for improving efficiency in your Haymarket refrigerator. If yours is still consuming large volumes of electricity or you’d like to learn more about the benefits of an upgrade or replacement, contact All Time Services today.