The refrigerator gasket is the flexible elastic strip which is attached to the edge of refrigerator and freezer doors.  It creates an air-tight seal which keeps cold air inside the fridge and warmer air outside the fridge.  Even though it is a simple design, it plays an important role in keeping your refrigerator functioning efficiently.  The Chantilly refrigerator experts at All Time Services can help you see how to tell when to replace a refrigerator gasket.

When to Replace a Refrigerator Gasket

When a refrigerator gasket has been damaged, is malfunctioning, or broken it can cause the efficiency of your refrigerator to plummet.  This is because when the seal has been broken, your refrigerator will begin leaking cold air out and letting warm air in at an alarming rate.  Suddenly, your refrigerator will begin working overtime just to keep temperatures inside of it cool.  If the refrigerator can no longer properly cool, then food spoilage will easily occur, as well as increasing electrical bills associated with overusing the refrigerator.

Refrigerator gaskets can become worn, thin or even brittle over time.  Because of their constant use and more delicate nature than other parts of a refrigerator, a gasket will often need to be replaced far before other refrigerator repairs come up.

The most obvious signs of gasket deterioration happen to the gasket itself and look like noticeable cracks or thin brittle sections which are hard to the touch, rather than being soft and flexible.

Additionally there are some other signs which occur such as a refrigerator that functions at random intervals, or that operates almost continuously in order to keep food cooled.  These are indications of an air leak through a bad gasket.  Not only will the refrigerator be unable to keep proper cold temperatures which can cause food to spoil and electric bills to skyrocket because of the attempt, but an overworked refrigerator motor will also wear out much more quickly, causing the need for an additional repair, or even a much too soon fridge replacement.

The Chantilly refrigerator specialists at All Time Services have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you understand when to replace a refrigerator gasket and can perform this refrigerator repair quickly and with quality workmanship.  Contact All Time Services today!