When you close the door to the refrigerator in your Fairfax home, you expect that it will continue to keep your food fresh. But how do you know when your refrigerator needs some upkeep? In this blog post, we thought it would be helpful for our customers in Fairfax if we assembled some of the common things indicators that should let you know that your fridge needs to be repaired.

Doesn’t Keep Food Cold

This is a pretty obvious one. If your refrigerator has stopped keeping your food cold, it probably should be repaired or even replaced. Here are a couple things that could be going wrong if your fridge doesn’t provide cooling anymore.

  • Cooling coils – If the cooling coils have become clogged or dirty, it could be interfering with the refrigerator’s ability to properly cool.
  • Fan –If the fan inside your refrigerator has worn out or needs repair, you might find that it isn’t properly cooling your home.

Leaking Water

If your fridge is leaking water it could be time to call for a professional technician. Water leaking can be caused by a number of things.

  • Leaks – Like your home’s air conditioning system, our refrigerator cools the air by blowing air over a series of cooling coils will with refrigerant. A byproduct of this is condensation on the outside of the coils. This condensation drips into a pan below the coils to drain. Occasionally, this pan can get clogged with dust and over flow. There could also be a leak or a clog in the drain line itself.
  • Frozen water – A by product of leaking water is also ice in your freezer and refrigerator. So if you also have that issue, a clogged drain system could be at fault.

If you need refrigerator repair services at your home in Fairfax, then call All Time Service today. Make sure your food stays fresh by keeping up on the repairs for your fridge. The friendly professionals at All Time Service have years of experience working on all types and brands of refrigerators. Give us a call today!