The refrigerator in your home in Arlington performs a vital job for your family. Keeping your food fresh and cold is critical to your family’s health and to your budget. There are a few things that people do to their refrigerator that they might not realize are actually harming their fridge. We all want to avoid having to replace our appliances, which is why we’ve put together a couple things that people do to break their fridge.

 Fridge Not In a Cool Place

When thinking about where to put a refrigerator, you should try to put it in a cool spot. Here are some places not to put your refrigerator:

  • Next to a hot appliance – Appliances like stoves, ovens and dishwashers create a lot of ambient heat. This makes your refrigerator have to work harder to keep your food cold. Keeping your refrigerator away from those appliances is a great way to keep it from having to work overtime.
  • Next to a heating register – This one is pretty obvious. You do want to keep your kitchen warm, but you should try to keep your fridge away from any heat registers.
  • In direct sunlight – If you can plan ahead, you might be able to avoid having your refrigerator in direct sunlight for long periods during the day.

Condensate Lines

Another way that people damage their refrigerator is that they don’t defrost their condensate lines. You refrigerator cools the food in your house by removing the heat from inside of it. It does this by blowing the air across a series of coils that contain refrigerant. A byproduct of that process is that condensation will form on the coils.  It is supposed to drip onto a pan and be carried away. Sometimes, that line can become clogged. When that happens, you’ll notice water leaking into your refrigerator.

Defrost Refrigerator

While many new refrigerators have an automatic defrost cycle, it is still a good idea to defrost your refrigerator on a regular basis. This is generally done when 1/4 inch of ice has formed inside the refrigerator. While it might seem that ice build-up in a fridge isn’t a big deal, it can actually reduce the efficiency of your fridge.

If you’re having any issues with the refrigerator in your home in Arlington, call All Time Service. We specialize in Arlington refrigerator repair services and have experience working on almost every single type and brand of refrigerator. Give us a call today and we’ll have you back up and working in no time.