Are you facing the decision to either repair or replace the refrigerator in your home? Call All Time Services for all your Washington DC refrigerator repair and replacement needs. We give you honest advice about what would be the most cost-effective choice for your situation and your budget.

Here are some possible reasons to replace an older refrigerator:

  • Compressor has failed
  • Motor has failed
  • Constant repair needs
  • Problems regulating temperatures
  • Problems with the defrost
  • Inefficient refrigerator

If the refrigerator compressor or motor has failed, this could be from age or another issue. When it is caused by an issue that cannot be remedied easily, it might be more cost-effective to replace the entire refrigerator since a motor or compressor is an expensive replacement.

If you find that you are always calling for repairs on an older refrigerator, you may spend less money on buying a new one. If the fridge feels too warm even if you have made all other adjustments and repairs to remedy this, it may be about to break down. This is the same with a faulty defrost cycle, which can lead to a short cycling compressor and place excess wear on the motor.

Keep in mind that all the components of your refrigerator work together, so you should always call a service technician if you notice any problems with your refrigerator. An All Time Services technician may be able to fix the issue with a small repair that could prevent equipment failure later on.

Call All Time Services for all your Washington, DC refrigerator service needs!