Do you think you might need a refrigerator motor repair? Whether you need a replacement for a refrigerator door gasket, or a motor repair, call All Time Services for all your Washington DC refrigerator repair needs. While you may not know what’s causing the issue, our technicians have years of experience diagnosis and repairing all types of refrigerators, and we will be sure to get yours up and running as soon as possible.

Here are some possible signs of a refrigerator motor problem:

  • The refrigerator makes a loud consistent humming noise
  • The inside temperatures suddenly increase without turning up the thermostat
  • The outside of the fridge feels too warm
  • Ice forms on the evaporator coils and doesn’t melt

If the refrigerator makes loud noises, it may mean that the compressor is struggling. This is a problem for a number of reasons, but mainly because the compressor is run by the motor. When the compressor struggles, the motor could be about to wear out. This could also be caused by related issues, such as an improper sealing on the door. If there’s not a good seal around the door, then the refrigerator is losing cold air, which not only wastes energy, but it also causes the compressor and motor to work harder to keep the temps regulated.

The motor could also be burning out if the outside of the fridge feels too warm to the touch. Ice forming on the evaporator coils means that the defrost cycle is not working. Any of these issues could potentially lead to the compressor short cycling, which can harm the motor or other parts.

While these can be indications of other issues, you should always call a service technician you can trust for a repair whenever you see these signs. Remember to call as soon as you notice any issue, since it could be a simple fix, such as replacing or adjusting a thermostat, or replacing the door gasket if there are moisture issues. Repairing something small early on will prevent larger repair needs down the road.

Call All Time Services for all your Washington, DC refrigerator repairs. We can handle all your repair and maintenance needs!