Before the age of electric refrigerators, preserving food was much more difficult. Knowing how your modern refrigerator works is not only useful in order to recognize problems and their symptoms, it also gives you more information about how your food stays cool. All Time Services in Washington, DC is committed to informing their clients as to how their appliances work. When you need professional refrigerator installation, repair or maintenance, call the professionals at All Time Services. We have the answers to all your refrigeration questions.

There are five major components to the refrigerator: compressor, outside heat-exchanging coils, expansion valve, inside heat-exchanging coils, and refrigerant. In what is known as the refrigeration cycle, the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, causing it to heat up. As it travels through the outside heat-exchanging pipes, the refrigerant dissipates its heat, and condenses into a highly-pressurized liquid. This liquid goes into the expansion valve, and then immediately boils and vaporizes to a very low temperature. This thermodynamic process is the key to cold air on the inside of your refrigerator.

All of these components work as part of a cycle, and are therefore co-dependent. If a single aspect of the system is faulty, it can cause problems in other areas.  It’s a complex system and requires certified appliance repair technicians to adequately diagnose and determine any issues that arise. For example, freezer burn occurs in the freezer section of your refrigerator when food is dehydrated. It often happens when food is improperly sealed or left open. Freezer burn is actually not a problem in most cases, but it quickly becomes a problem if the defrost cycles of your refrigerator are too frequent. In these instances, your refrigerator is working against itself and will need professional repair.

At All Time Services, we’re here to inform our customers and help them make the right decision when it comes time to install new refrigerators, repair old ones or to set up appliance maintenance plans. Whatever type of fridge you have, whether GE, Sub-Zero, Maytag, Kenmore, we know how they work and how to fix them. Call us today for refrigerator repair in Washington, DC!