If your refrigerator is no longer cooling properly or it makes strange noises, it may be time for refrigerator motor repair. Refrigeration is one of modern life’s conveniences, and waiting to repair your refrigerator can be difficult: spoilt milk and meat, wilted vegetables, and your hard-earned food budget thrown away. In Washington, DC you should call your local refrigerator repair technician at All Time Services to schedule a service.

The refrigerator motor acts with the compressor to compress the refrigerant gas throughout the coil and valve system, which allows for the heat to be removed to the outside of your refrigerator, traveling through a system of coils. The evaporation of that gas causes it to cool, and this cool gas is now once more taken in by the compressor and the cycle begins again. Amongst the various switches, thermostats, heaters, condensers and fans, the refrigerator motor is the workhorse of the entire refrigeration cycle; without it, your refrigeration will not work and your food and drinks will spoil.

If you notice the level of cooling drop significantly over a short period of time, your motor may be to blame. The rest of your refrigerator parts will attempt to compensate for the lack of a properly running motor. The compressor may turn on and off more often, and will occasionally not even allow the cooling cycle to begin. This extra workload increases the wear and tear on your refrigerator. It can cause breakdowns or faults in other areas of your system, and may increase the chances of a complete refrigerator failure.

Other indicators include a drop in the level of efficiency, failure to freeze properly, a build-up of condensation on the outside of the refrigerator, or even increased frost build-up in the freezer. If you believe that your Washington, DC refrigerator exhibits these problems or is showing its age, its motor may need to be repaired by a refrigeration specialist. Don’t let your food spoil. Call All Time Services to schedule a service.