Of all the appliances in your kitchen the refrigerator may be the most important. You love your oven, but you can also eat cold meals. Your dishwasher is a great luxury, but many homeowners still do not use them. Your refrigerator, though, keeps the food you pay for fresh. It makes your vegetables taste better and keeps your perishables safe to eat. When a problem develops with the refrigerator in your Washington DC home you need to contact a professional appliance repair technician immediately. Call the experts at All Time Services for the refrigerator repairs that you need.

There are a few different reasons that your refrigerator may be leaking water. Only a professional refrigeration service provider can determine the exact cause. Whatever the underlying problem may be it is important that you contact us as soon as you discover the problem. The food that you have paid for and the condition of your refrigerator is at risk. Water damage may also result from this issue.

If your refrigerator door is not sealing properly when shut condensation can build up within your refrigerator. This is a problem, as moisture promotes the growth of mold and can compromise the quality of your food. If your refrigerator is tilting forward at all this condensation can drip out of the refrigerator and collect on the ground beneath it.

Does your refrigerator have an icemaker built in? Well, that icemaker requires a water supply in order to freeze that water and create ice. If a leak develops in that water supply line that will account for a pooling of water beneath your refrigerator. The sooner that water line leak is repaired the less likely that major water damage will be incurred. Do not ignore this problem or dismiss it as being too minor to call a professional about.

Your refrigerator repair service requires the skill and expertise that only a professional can offer. It is important that you never attempt to repair your refrigerator on your own. You may injure yourself, make the problem worse, or even void a warranty. Contact All Time Services today for the high-quality refrigerator maintenance and repair services you need in Washington DC.