For every homeowner, having a good refrigerator is an absolute necessary. Modern refrigeration technology has allowed us to keep our food fresh and safe to eat for much longer than was ever possible. All Time Services provides complete refrigerator repairs in Washington D.C.. We often get asked about tips to make our customers’ refrigerators work better and more effectively. Here are some tips that might be able to help you

Why Clean Your Refrigerator

While cleaning the shelves in your refrigerator may not produce great efficiency, there are certain things in your refrigerator that you can clean that will actually produce more efficiency.

  • Vacuum the coils – One of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency of your refrigerator is to vacuum the coils. The coils in your refrigerator are responsible for allow the heat inside your refrigerator to get out. The coils are filled with refrigerant that get circulated through your fridge to absorb heat. The coils can normally be accessed by remove the front plate on the front of the fridge below the doors. You should always call for the cleaning services of a professional contractor in Washington D.C..
  • Vacuum the back – Heat from the inside of your refrigerator gets exhausted out of the back of your refrigerator. Often, dust and other debris can accumulate there and block the exhaust. By cleaning the back of the refrigerator you may be able to allow the heat to more efficiently get exhausted.

Empty Fridge vs. Full Fridge

While it might sound counterintuitive, having a full fridge is actually more efficient than an empty one. The reason for this is because of how many times your fridge gets opened every day. When the door to your refrigerator swings open it allows cool air from the inside to get pulled out and replaced with warm air from the outside. When you have a full refrigerator, there’s less cool air in the fridge because that space is occupied by food. But you want to make sure that your fridge isn’t so packed that the cool air can’t circulate around your refrigerator.

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