To ensure that the refrigerator in your Washington home is working at peak efficiency, it is important that your refrigerator door is in good condition. If the refrigerator door is compromised in some way, it is much harder for the compressor to work properly, in which case it is difficult for the refrigerator to maintain cooler temperature to keep your food safe to eat.

Some signs to watch out for on your refrigerator door is to see if the seal is coming loose and preventing the door from closing correctly; another sign to pay attention to is if the door is bouncing back from the frame of the refrigerator; lastly, excess frost or ice accumulating around the door is another potential sign.

These are some initial symptoms that your refrigerator door is not working properly.  Other clues to look out for that can indicate problems with your refrigerator door are:

  • If you hear your refrigerator’s compressing constantly running
  • If the temperature in your refrigerator becomes warmer unexpectedly
  • If you see condensation forming on the outside the fridge
  • If you notice ice on the evaporator coils

These can indicate that other problems are happening with your refrigerator door.  However, if you notice any of these problems occurring, it is a good idea to call a professional to make an assessment if your refrigerator is not functioning correctly.

Refrigerator Door Repair

One of our repair experts can quickly determine what the cause of the problem is. Often the culprit is a missing spacer, or a gasket failure, or the refrigerator door may have become warped. Once the problem has been identified, the repair expert can provide you with the best option as to how to get your refrigerator working once again at peak performance.

If you notice any of these problems there is a likelihood that key components of the door will need to be replaced.  This repair work should only be done by our trained professionals, who guarantee the job will be done right.

No matter the problems with your refrigerator and no matter how severe, it is best to call a professional as soon as you see that your refrigerator door is not functioning correctly.  For fast, reliable, and professional refrigerator repair service in Washington, call All Time Services.